Who We Are

Extremely talented and loving Spiritual Teachers, Coaches, Mentors, Energy Healers, Psychic Mediums, Intuitive Readers, Starseeds, Animal Communicators, and Channels sharing their Spiritual & Metaphysical Awareness from a place of Love and Light from the Heart. We are here to help support you in going with the flow, co-creating with the Universe, embracing your Divine I AM.


Our Mission

Spiritual Awakening is an individual experience. How, where, when, and who we choose to re-awaken with is of our own free will. When we do, it's like opening up a gift that you've always had but misplaced. You start to feel, see, hear, smell, taste, know things, because your spiritual senses (Clairs) are awakening as your consciousness is expanding. We are here to help lovingly guide you along on your unique spiritual journey.



We were created from Love and Light  We are all Equal. We are all Students and Teachers.  We are all One.  We are here to Create and find our Joy and share that here on Earth, to find the Balance between being Human and Divine. 

Community Opportunities


Join Our Online Community

Not only are we in an age of a Spiritual Awakening, but the world now more than ever needs Love. Here we can share, learn, grow, and even make friends with other Beautiful Souls. We are a very High Vibe group with members who are spiritual teachers,healers, intuitive readers, intuitive artists, dancers, singers, and poets. We offer free healings, intuitive readings, meditations, and intuitive games. We would love to see you if you're interested. Please feel free to invite your friends!


Advertise on our Online Community

If you are interested in advertising in our online Facebook and YouTube community, there is a small monthly fee, for further details click the link below. 


Become an Instructor

Interested in becoming an Instructor for The Divine I AM online school? Click here to fill out a brief questionnaire.

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"Thank you all so much. I so appreciate your generosity of time, energy, love, healing, and talent. Love and Light to each of you."

J. Gordon-Thatcher

"I love this group!! Thank you so much everyone!!"

A. Manthorpe

"Everyone here is soo amazing. Love and hugs to you all!'

A. Kilmer

"Thank you each and every one for sharing your gifts and journey with us. Blessings to you for Guidance, Wisdom and Comfort."

R. Dykes

"I'm very grateful to you all for allowing us to have a place that we can come and learn and experience new things, ask questions without judgment, and make mistakes and not be looked down on because we may not be at a certain level just yet. So again thank you."

K. Christie

"I’m so grateful for this group. Thank you all for sharing your journey and being a part of mine. Peace and love to you all."

Z. Gonzalez

"Thank you thank you thank you for making this a safe and private place for us to grow. Thanks to the intuitive readers and everyone who is growing and helping us grow along with you!! I appreciate you all, love and hugs to you!!"

N. Bolyard

"Thank you. The energy and love from this group is wonderful."

R. Besaw