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Heather Heselton

Heather Heselton is a psychic medium, life coach, and spiritual teacher who helps people see life’s situations from a bigger perspective. Since childhood, she’s been highly sensitive to energy in the physical and spiritual realms, giving her the ability to communicate with the other side. She helps her clients get unstuck by connecting the dots of their reality to finally feel relief, comfort, closure, and forgiveness. “I love helping others connect with their brilliant beautiful selves.”

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Elissa Helfrey

Hi, I’m Elissa. I am a high-dimensional channel for Spiritual Energies, Body of Light© practitioner, Certified Intuitive Reader, and Spiritual Teacher/Coach. I work with individuals looking to bridge the gap between the physical and Spiritual worlds to identify what may be blocking their joy, passion, manifestation, and purpose. As a catalyst for positive change, I can identify where limiting beliefs, patterns, and negative energies are causing a misfire in many areas of your life including Spiritual connection, career, and personal path. My passion is raising people up to the Divine beings that they already are and removing the shame that binds us into negative patterns and repeating trauma. I offer Intuitive readings as well as Spiritual Counseling and Coaching. There is always a 10% discount for all Divine I Am members, use code “IAM10” (I am 10) when booking.

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Julie Bassett

My name is Julie Jeanne Bassett and I am an animal communicator and energy healer. I utilize many different techniques to help resolve destructive behavior, anxiety and stress in animals while cultivating a stronger connection between pet parents and their beloved companions. Over the years of employing these techniques on my own animal companions, I came to learn that other pet parents were going through similar struggles and knew I had the tools to be able to help. To be the channel for communication between a pet parent and their companion animal is my calling. Companion animals are intelligent, sentient beings who are here to help us. They are our teachers, healers, mirrors, guardians, catalysts, and bridges, but we have to listen to what they are trying to tell us. There are too many pet parents who are struggling with behavioral issues in their companion animals, so I help them by communicating with their pets and through various energy healing techniques, to resolve the issue at hand. I also offer intuitive/psychic readings and energy healing for humans, as well as mediumship for both humans and pets.

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Nelle Mack

Hello my name is Nelle Mack and I am a 7th Dimensional Energy Healer and have my own healing Modality called SapphireStar Codes! I spend most of my time as a wife and mom of 5 beautiful souls, who I homeschool! The rest of my time, I spend making Energy Healings and Activations to help heal people and raise the Vibrations of the Collective!  My very first Energy Healing Attunement, was given to me by the 7th Dimensional Pegasus that I had been working with! I am a Sapphire Child and Pleiadean Starseed, and my mission is to empower others to heal themselves!  I also do readings, but my passion is my Energy Healing! I run SapphireStarcodes, which is my Facebook business page. I also have a Facebook group called SapphireStar Codes, where people can experience my healings and attunements for free! I would love anyone to come join my group and see what I am all about! You can shop my Energy Healing and also my Daughter’s Intuitive Paintings at my website!

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Cheri Michelle

My name is Cheri, pronounced like the fruit cherry. I am an animal communicator, energy healer, and intuitive reader. I am a professional animal communicator and pet medium who helps grieving people heal and find peace after the passing of their pet. I help people navigate through illness, aging, grief, and loss so they can find peace with the decisions they make. I act as a bridge to understanding the root causes of any behavioral issues so peace can be restored to the home. I help people to better understand the role our pets play in our lives, and the soul contracts we have with one another. I use various energy healing modalities, including Reiki, pendulum healing, EFT tapping, chakra clearing, crystal grids, and my own signature energy healing modality.  My main passion is animals and I have always felt a deep connection with them. I have learned to open myself up further to their messages and develop my senses so that I may be a better bridge between the animals and their guardians.  I am very heart-centered and compassionate, and nothing makes me happier than to share my love and light, be uplifting, and fill people with hope. Members of the Divine I Am receive 10% off all of my services with the discount code ‘SAKURA10’.

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Lisa Fry

Lisa Fry is an eclectic Psychic/Medium Instructor with over 12 years of joyful experience helping others realize their spiritual potential through the group My Mystical Life.  Lisa works through Psychic Intuition, Channeling, Trance Channeling, Mediumship, Dynamic Clair’s as well as being a Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist, Akashic Soul Awakening Healer and is also a Shaman.  Lisa started her spiritual journey in 2008 and was immediately called to bring together a community of like minded people to help others NEVER feel alone while walking this path.  This is evidenced by the My Mystical Life Community of teachers and students.  Lisa has been blessed to have help and guidance by her husband Sam that opened and started growing at the same time.  He is a Psychic/Medium, Crystal Healer, Reiki Master and Starseed. They work together in all things and can be found online laughing and discussing so many “rabbit hole” spiritual topics.

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Tami Anne Strochak

As an energy and Reiki healer, psychic and medium, I am an eclectic Witch. Using pure intent with love and light and energy, I incorporate the craft to combine the energies of certain herbs, crystals and chants to help achieve the desired results. Working with people and animals, my passion lies in helping to heal those who have suffered abuse, as I have. One day, crying while I was out running, Spirit told me to take all of the sorrow, insecurity and pain from the past, and have it pour through me and out through my hands, to transform the sorrow into gold, turning it into an Alchemy of strength to heal. Messages often come from Spirit in my dreams, or the next day and Spirit also guides me through different card readings and channeled messages from past loved ones, providing keys to coach and guide those seeking help. It is truly a very powerful and wonderful combination!  I am here to help guide and heal with these different modalities with energy, love and power!

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Gill Baulcombe

Gill Baulcombe is a hands on and distant energy healer (accredited Angel Therapist), Medium, and Angel Tarot/Oracle Card Reader.  She has the ability to read objects, and read and heal animals.  She is frequently sent spiritual poetry (always happy to write a special poem if required).

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Wendy Chang

Wendy is a Registered Dietitian, certified Health Coach, certified Reiki Master, certified intuitive Reader and Medium. Through channeling Wendy provides unique energy modality to the healing process including body scan, clear blockage and related issues, detoxify, end old patterns, deal with transitions, ease pain, and reach inner peace and calmness. Her gift for connecting to spirits has helped many answer questions, cope with difficulties, resolve long-lasting issues and discover one’s life purpose.  Wendy also volunteered at the shelter to provide animal Communication and Animal Reiki service for many years. The intuitive communication and energy healing have helped many animals to communicate with their owners, release fear and pain, as well as receive energy healing to align with wellness.  With the cultural background and experience with TaiChi and QiGong (ChiGong), Wendy created the business called “Nutrition ReiQi”.

Please check out her website for details, services, testimonials, and reach out if your inner voice says YES:

Nathalie Sempels.jpg

Nathalie Sempels

My name is Nathalie Sempels, I am a cosmic medium, intuitive reader and artist, also an animal and nature communicator.  I do one-on-one reading sessions, that can contain elements of all modalities mentioned above, or more specific readings per subject, but that is always unique to our connection with eachother.  We have been granted an amazing opportunity being here within this moment, on our planet.  I would love to co-create with all of you, who feel the same way.  Let’s live this life to the fullest of its potential!  Let’s share our light with each other and shine brighter together.

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Louise Rhodes

I am a light language channel and can access information from galactic guides and prophets and the angelic and the dragon realms as well as departed loved ones and energies more typically accessed by mediums and clairvoyants.  I use my ability to merge with the clients energy and conducts treatments by proxy (going into their experiences for them). I combine this ability to blend with the clients energy, and my ability to channel higher energies, with my expertise in regression therapy, spirit release and energy healing, to provide unique individual treatments.  The treatments can include elements of spirit release, energy rebalancing, energy protection, fixing tears in the auric field, trauma reframe, clearance of past life karmic debts, curse removal as well as relief from pain and emotional difficulties.  The treatments also often include shamanic practices such as soul retrieval and elements of Akashic Record reading.

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Moira Hoogendijk

I am a Light Language, Multidimensional Spiritual Healer.  I have a team of guides that assist with life regression, shamanic healing, sound healing and different kinds of healing that wants to present itself through my guides to help the client.

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Barbara Gross Hegert

Barbara is a Certified Energy Healer and Intuitive Reader. Through Intuitive Guidance she also creates beautiful Crystal Healing Bracelets to encourage personal growth and alignment with your higher purpose.  Barbara specializes in Energy Healing and Angel Communication and can assist you in connecting with your Guardian Angel and Archangels who are ready and waiting to assist you on your Spiritual journey and life path.  Barbara’s passion is to help others connect with their highest, greatest and beautiful selves! She can help you heal past trauma, cleanse your energy fields and align your chakras.

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Christine Marguerite

Christine is the channel of Chirstos Blossom bringing forth channeled healings, energy medicine, and messages from the wellspring heart of Deep Peace and other sources of Light and Love. For the benefit of all who wish it so. Sessions bring your own guides and energy system mindset unique to you into the vortex of creation for healing and evolving. Breathwork, energywork, expressive arts healing, meditation, and spiritual guidance are offered for those evolving on the spiritual path through group and private sessions.

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